Strange Grooves Volume 66: With The Penny Changer Tony Noddin!

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Episode Description

Tony Noddin, also known as the Penny Changer joins us here in Saint John all the way from Brisbane, Australia during his visit and mini-tour here at home. Tony just launched his first full-length album, titled Copper Diamonds and we urge you to give it a listen!

We caught up with Tony to chat about how he got into music, his songwriting process, how this album came to life (IT’S SUCH A COOL STORY)!

We also chat about some of the cool shows he has been going to and hitting up in the near future. We also chat about his show coming up and of course, his desert island discs. He wraps up our chat by playing us a few tunes from the album!

Tony is no stranger to the Saint John music scene. He will be playing this Thursday night at Peppers pub! Be sure to bring all your pals for wings and some great original music by Tony and he will be joined by an SJ Fave, Frank James!

Listen to his new album here!

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