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We’re all about sharing the music we love, whether it’s concert, album or single reviews, interviews, or just writing about a song or band you’re digging lately.

Here is where you can find fun music content and perhaps discover your next favourite song.

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Alec Martin

Since discovering Saint John’s music scene when he was in tenth grade, Alec has done anything possible to become more and more involved. As he is attending King’s College for journalism, he sees music writing as another avenue to immerse himself in local music, while also being able to gain some journalistic experience along the way.

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Cait Milberry

Cait is the co-host of the Strange Grooves podcast. A very big music lover, influenced by lots of dad rock and hip hop and many more great gems in music. Since she can remember her dad was teaching her about albums, bands and the history of music. Cait has been working with musicians, artists, festivals for a long time now with public relations, event management and social media.


Cherise Letson

Cherise is the co-host of the Strange Grooves podcast. She started collecting vinyl back in high school, but her love of classic rock and AM Radio hits goes back long before that. When she’s not listening to music, Cherise is the Associate Editor of Huddle Today, an online business publication that covers Atlantic Canada. She’s previously worked for CBC New Brunswick, The Canadian Press and the Telegraph-Journal, among other great publications.


Kristin Lee

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Neil Bonnor

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