We Like Janowskii And Think You Will Too

As you know, Strange Grooves was recently at Quality Block Party, a music festival in Saint John that celebrates the best of New Brunswick’s local music scene.

One of the bands I was personally excited to see was Janowskii, who played on the Saturday night at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club (sick venue for shows, btw).

When I first heard them on a past episode of the Strange Dudes podcast, they immediately reminded me of another band I love, The Buffalo Killers (They are worth their own post, but check them out too!) Hailing from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Janowskii is a modern band that pulls pre-war blues, 60s garage, psychedelia and some other wonderfully weird heavy stuff.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for that shit.

Anyways, the band is releasing their debut self-titled album on Aug.31. To lead up to that, they recently released the official video for their song “Lunnie.” We wanted to share it with you guys. Give it a watch below:

You dig it? Figured you would.

Can’t wait to hear the whole album on the 31st? Me either. But we got some good news for you. Our friends over at Grid City Magazine are currently streaming the album FREE. RIGHT NOW. Go there!

You’re welcome.

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Cherise is the co-host of the Strange Grooves podcast. She started collecting vinyl back in high school, but her love of classic rock and AM Radio hits goes back long before that. When she’s not listening to music, Cherise is the Associate Editor of Huddle Today, an online business publication that covers Atlantic Canada. She’s previously worked for CBC New Brunswick, The Canadian Press and the Telegraph-Journal, among other great publications.

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