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Pages of My Heart is the very first album released from our special guest this episode, Josh Peters. We're thrilled to have him on the show for Volume 50! Josh is an all-around super dude. We were so happy to catch

A good punk rock show with your buds is just something that makes your heart full. Music and shows are such a focal part of all of our lives. We recently got to chat with Real Sickies who were visiting Saint

On today’s episode we welcome new Strange Dude writer and voice actor, Chris Hachey. We check out music by Wrote and Papal Visit, and MC Hardcorey. All that and some sketches, so you can get some giggles with your grooves. As

Whoa! Jeff has a chat with multi-award winning hip-hop artist Classified about his new music, family, the ECMA’s and his big show this Canada Day weekend in Saint John! Tune in now and check out some of the videos once

Smooth, Smiley, and groovy, that's what you can expect from this week's episode of Strange Grooves. We had the wonderful opportunity to host a live session at the house with the guys of Mckinley Morrison &Williams. OoO Goodness you are in for

On today’s episode, we review the new Arctic Monkeys album and check out a new track from locals Weak Size Fish. We also showcase our interview with Moncton's Diner Drugs and listen to a short clip from Tooth & the

On today’s episode of Strange Dudes we review our weekend of shows at the Quality Block Party, and interview and listen to tunes by Stephen Hero (aka David R. Elliott), and Jamie Comeau and the Crooked Teeth