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Hello Everyone! Thank you for joining us for a very special Volume 30 of our podcast. We are beyond humbled at the amount of contribution, collaboration, and participation over the past few months. There is a lot on the horizon for the Strange

On this week's episode of Strange Grooves, we're joined by the amazing Barb Crawford! Barb has been a long-time supporter of the Saint John music and arts scene (including being a Strange Grooves patron, THANK YOU!) and is also an avid

 Are you a fan of Canadian music? I certainly am! It was 1985 and Canada's answer to the Beatles, Platinum Blonde had released their monster of hit album "Alien Shores". I had all their posters along with many other Canadian band posters

 On today’s show we review the new MGMT and Andrew W K albums, announce recently released records, review Slowcoaster’s March 24th show at Peppers Pub in Saint John, feature music from local favourites CHIPS and DFO, and watch an MGMT

Join us as we have our very first record night / pop up record expo. We chat about vinyl, airplanes, weed and The Who and much more with Peter, Corey, Cherise, Mike, Paige, Kyle, Chuck, and Cait. Click the link above