Strange Grooves Volume 45: Kim Jacobsen

This week we caught up with Kim Jacobsen. This woman is extraordinary and we have been anticipating her on the show, well, for about 45 episodes. Kim is a very reputable Interior Designer, lover of music and one of the most incredible people you will ever meet.

From the moment you sit down with Kim, the conversation flows. Her love and knowledge of music, art, fashion, all things beautiful is transfixing.

On this episode, Kim chats about her favorite albums, artists, going on road trips with her son Liam, which she cherishes, and seeing some incredible concerts in absolutely amazing venues. We hope you enjoy this week’s show.

Roger Waters Tour October 4th 2017, Quebec City

London, Abbey Road and Battery Park for Pink Floyd’s Animals


The Roman Theatre of Orange is a Roman theatre in Orange, Vaucluse, France. Talk about a cool venue to see your favorite band, and under the stars too! This roman theatre was built in the 1st century AD. WOW.

Kim backstage with Alice Cooper

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The Strange Grooves Podcast goes deep with musicians, vinyl collectors and music lovers about the music they love and what inspires them. The music we love is the soundtrack to memories, stories, and in many cases, changes the course of our lives and the way we view the world. On Strange Grooves, we dive into life's deep cuts.

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