Strange Grooves Volume 42: So, About That Jeff Goldblum Video…

On this week’s episode of the Strange Grooves podcast…

Cait is back from ELLE EEHHHH, and as those of you who follow us/her on social media know, she got to see some incredible places and meet some really incredible people, including Jeff Goldblum. (Yes we will be doing an episode with him about his record collection and the release of his first record this November with The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, more details to come!)

Anyways, Cait tells us how the fuck that came about. Don’t listen if you’re the jealous type.

Cait and Cherise also fill you in on some cool events Strange Grooves have coming up, including our 1st Birthday Party at the Five & Dime in Saint John! They give you a preview of their next episode and more.

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Here’s the funny video the girls talked about:

Also, Cherise and Cait mentioned their past episode with Josh Bravener, you can find that here.



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The Strange Grooves Podcast goes deep with musicians, vinyl collectors and music lovers about the music they love and what inspires them. The music we love is the soundtrack to memories, stories, and in many cases, changes the course of our lives and the way we view the world. On Strange Grooves, we dive into life's deep cuts.

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