Strange Grooves Volume 35 with THE Colin Waldschutz!

We would like to introduce you to someone who loves music like nobody we have ever met. For those that know Colin will say Hell Yeah, that’s 100% true, for those that don’t know him personally, tune in now, your mind will be blown and you will learn so much.

Colin has been providing performances, live streams, recordings for over 20 + years. He has recorded personally over 800+ shows. He has seen Phish 88 times, and that’s just one of the bands he goes on tour with. He has a Facebook group that started in 2012 Called Maritime Tapers. The group existed before that Facebook group but has been collecting great archives of content since. His mission and goal were to keep a souvenir from shows. He states in the episode how intrigued he was seeing folks with all their gear and hearing different recordings of his favorite artists. We dig into his collection, memories, ticket stub book and much more on this volume of strange grooves.

Colin is above talking about a rare 7″ he got from Pearl Jam!

Cool Story, Cait met Colin at Harvest Jazz and Blues about 6 years ago, and he taped the Tedeschi Trucks Band and then gave her the mp3 the next day to listen to on the way home. In our previous episode, we spoke to Owen Green, who was actually roommates with Colin and references the custom shelf for music that was in their apartment. Colin has always been known for sharing his love of music and going the distance to see it live. As we mentioned above  Colin has been to 88+ Phish shows alone.

Has been all over the world watching and recording bands. These are bigs bands and local bands. He is just such a big fan of music. Check out this video of Colin’s ticket stub book. Every single performance is in that book.


We honestly had such a great time talking with Colin and learning about all the shows he has been to, rare finds, experiences that will last a lifetime and much more. It was such an incredible honor. We are so excited to be working with him on our Strange Birthday which we will be announcing soon!

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Please also check out one of Colin’s most previous recordings of one of our faves, Mckinley Morrison and Williams. 

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The Strange Grooves Podcast goes deep with musicians, vinyl collectors and music lovers about the music they love and what inspires them. The music we love is the soundtrack to memories, stories, and in many cases, changes the course of our lives and the way we view the world. On Strange Grooves, we dive into life's deep cuts.

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  • Lowanda Brown

    Great job Cait and Cherise

  • Lowanda Marie Brown

    As always, wonderful job Cait and Cherise. Folks like you and of course people like Collin keeping music and memorabilia alive. Thank you.


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