Strange Grooves 506 Exclusive with Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire + Tampa

Whoa, Mama, We have been so excited to release this interview.

We sat down with Serge from Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire and Nick from Tampa!

Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire will knock your socks off and blow your mind yo! If you haven’t heard them, Please toss them on after this episode. Spotify Playlist is below!

The band hails from Moncton but has done over 600 shows pretty much everywhere. We were so excited to see them on the program for Area 506. We saw them last at the ECMA’s and just every time they play, it’s just a great experience. No matter if they are playing in front of 100 people or 15,000 people the enthusiasm, the energy, all the pieces of each band members personality and musical talent explodes on stage and in your face. They make music that is relatable. This, in turn, creates conversation and a really close community of fans and supporters.

One thing that really stands out is how much fun they have and how humble these dudes are. They are straight up solid guys with very cool perspectives on a lot of things.

During this interview, we talk about bankruptcy, the Government, Rock Operas, life struggles and much more. nick and Serge are really passionate about voicing opinions and solutions. It was really exciting to see them play yes, but even more to sit down and chat!

The band has been very busy. Right now they have been working on a rock opera, due out in November with a few dates available on their website.  We urge you to get some tickets, toss on their playlist after this interview and get to know the guys a little more. Rumour has it they might have a new podcast coming soon 😉

Thanks for checking out this special exclusive! More to come!

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