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Record Collectors

We’re all about sharing the music we love, whether it’s concert, album or single reviews, interviews, or just writing about a song or band you’re digging lately.

Here is where you can find fun music content and perhaps discover your next favourite song.

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Tim Durling

Tim’s Vinyl Confessions started in September 2014, mostly with the encouragement of my wife Sarah, who felt that I should have an outlet for my music collection, and my seemingly endless knowledge of rock music minutia. Seriously, I sometimes forget at the grocery store whether or not we already bought bananas, but I can tell you in an instant which Motley Crue album was originally mastered by Bob Ludwig, not George Marino. (I know, what??) My musical tastes are what’s on display on my TVC episodes, and you’ll soon learn I’m not particularly cool Thanks for watching!


Monique Gionet

Monique Gionet started collecting vinyl again in 2005 after she found her old record collection at her parents’ house. By 2006 she had sold off her entire CD collection and it’s been a love affair for the vinyl experience ever since. When she’s not spinning, she has a day job as a Technical Writer and moonlights as a lifestyle blogger on her website Loves include fresh-cut flowers, Earl Grey tea, her 2 family cats, her Boston Terrier puppy, and her 4 elephant fosters from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


Cherise Letson

Cherise is the co-host of the Strange Grooves podcast. She started collecting vinyl back in high school, but her love of classic rock and AM Radio hits goes back long before that. When she’s not listening to music, Cherise is the Associate Editor of Huddle Today, an online business publication that covers Atlantic Canada. She’s previously worked for CBC New Brunswick, The Canadian Press and the Telegraph-Journal, among other great publications.

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Cait Milberry

Cait is the co-host of the Strange Grooves podcast. A very big music lover, influenced by lots of dad rock and hip hop and many more great gems in music. Since she can remember her dad was teaching her about albums, bands and the history of music. Cait has been working with musicians, artists, festivals for a long time now with public relations, event management and social media.


Cohen O’Connor

Cohen O’Connor AKA “The Wizard” is a psychedelic-progressive rock record collector who calls Saint John his home, when he’s not at home spinning rare wax, or digging the local bins for that one obscure album you Dad had in the mid 70’s he’s on his radio program “The Technicolor Dream Show” playing rare tracks from the lost era of flower children and renegade teens. Music is his passion, and so is writing for you! Can you dig it? The Wizard can…

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