Primus Experience: “Pretty Little Ice Cube” Pt 2

Reflecting back on the VIP Primus experience last year and whoa mama, still on a high from that. I Missed the Portland show last week and that is usually the closest that they play to me, as I live in New Brunswick.

About 15 years ago I got my first Primus album and since then, I’ve loved them more and more.

( First time seeing them – Can ya tell lol)

I have had the opportunity now to see them a few times indoors and out, each time my mind has been blown and I’ve smiled harder than I ever have in my life. I have obtained a few setlists, recently experienced the coolest meet and greet ever and with the tour almost being done, I have to wonder about the new projects being announced from the vault.

Check out the latest release from Chimera Music and the article here.

I have already looked for the new vinyl out in August 😉

Primus to me represents more than just a band I listen to. They represent friends, family, real values, enjoying life and taking a moment to rock out. Every time I go see them, or watch a DVD, or throw them on in the car, something happens where I just smile.

Lately, I realized more than ever people need more of that. You should get the concert tickets and drive to see your favorite bands. You should make memories and do things you love. I can’t stop thinking about when and where I will see them next honestly lol.

I also want to point out their incredible hospitality and amazing engagement with their fans. As someone in marketing and social media, I could only imagine how intense running businesses, yes plural would be out on the road with your husband and his band.

Chaney Claypool is someone I think is just really rad. She’s smart, and business savvy and she’s the reason we get to see live streams, behind the scenes, tour life, what and how Claypool cellars have become what it is, and as a big fan, that’s been really cool.

When I went to see this last show and did the VIP experience it was worth it in so many ways. I will remember that day for the rest of my life 🙂 if you are wondering if it is worth it, it is. It really and truthfully is.

From the moment I got to the venue, the staff and folks around were so nice and made me and my friend feel very welcome. It was organized. It did not feel rushed, we all had time to just chill and ask questions, people were very respectful. There was lots of time to drink and have a conversation and honestly, the show was just that much better having been behind the scenes.

We did get a signed poster, beer cozy, stickers, VIP laminate and a photo opportunity, we also got to sample all of the drinks which to me was well worth the extra money. If your going to see a aband you really like, especially driving any lengh of time i urge you to check it out and scope your options.

From the personal Q & A and the sampling of Les’s personal drinks and wines, the show, it was all just fantastic.

They have some new stuff coming out which was recently announced that will be released from the vault and I am thrilled to see what it is. Stay tuned and if your curious read my Primus Vip part one here.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check the rest of the writer’s blogs and some of the shows.

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