Greta Van ON FLEEEK!

Whoa, Mama…

The new single is out from Greta Van Fleet and holy shit! “When the curtain falls”, proves that these guys are around for the long haul.

We have been saying over the past few months that regardless if you think they sound exactly like Led Zeppelin, that these guys are hella talented, they have a cool story and they fucking make great music. We have reviewed their album a couple times, and Cherise and I both love it. They are straight up rock and roll. The voice, the talent of each person in this band is just amazing, especially given their age. We both wondered what the next few songs would be like, and well, a big hell yeah! They did not disappoint.

Our friend Tara Keely recently saw them in the pouring rain in Quebec and said that they were phenomenal live, incredibly talented and you can see the energy between the brothers.

We were so excited to wake up to this single today though. Check it out, and be sure to check out the album on Spotify.

Cheers GFV, You are fucking killing it! Keep it strange and keep the good tunes coming.



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