Strange Grooves Volume 44: Gary Chase of Donnie & The Monarchs

Saint John, New Brunswick is home to an abundance of talent in every category and industry. In this week’s episode of Strange Grooves, we will be catching up with Gary Chase of Donnie & the Monarchs, a band that has been performing going on 35 years. These guys got it all. The music, the energy, the costumes and the portfolio to match.

The band has consistently been playing lots of classic rock all across North America for over 3 decades. They have worked with some of the best in music, including opening for The Beach Boys, they performed with Dr. Hook, Tommy Hunter, The Rankin Family to just name a few.  They have a very impressive show, and are always using audience participation and demand you sing along with them! Over the past few years, the band took a break but have been doing a series of reunion and charity shows. On September 29th, they played a soldout charity show which included dancing and dinner!

Cait first met Gary through his daughter Amanda playing roller derby. Gary also owns The Voice Factory here in Saint John which has been in operation for almost 30 years. We have been working with Gary to produce better content for all you listeners and step up our game with remote interviews all across the world so we are so gracious for his support and that his company exists. We hope you enjoy the interview and learning about some of the history of the band and what they plan on doing in the future. They do have some gigs coming up that will sell out…Get tickets now on their website.



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