Jeff Liberty

Jeffrey Liberty is an multi award nominated artist manager and media personality. Today Jeffrey's main focus is as a music writer/columnist and broadcaster for the CBC (Take Liberty on Information Morning in Saint John - Radio One), "The Jeff Liberty Show" on Bell/Aliant Community One TV and VOD as well as countless music and community publications. Jeffrey is also a music entrepreneur who presents select shows and tours on the Canadian East Coast as well as on a national level.

Whoa! Jeff has a chat with multi-award winning hip-hop artist Classified about his new music, family, the ECMA’s and his big show this Canada Day weekend in Saint John! Tune in now and check out some of the videos once

Newfoundlands The Once just released their  4th album "Time Enough" and it's nothing short of brilliant. Jeff was lucky enough to catch up with the Juno Award-nominated frontwoman Geraldine Hollett from the band on the day the album was released to

 This week, Jeff interviews Juno Award nominee Bill Wood formerly of 80's Canadian pop stars Eye Eye. TODAY - Bill continues to release his music on his own terms which include a new album by Bill Wood and the Woodies and

 Are you a fan of Canadian music? I certainly am! It was 1985 and Canada's answer to the Beatles, Platinum Blonde had released their monster of hit album "Alien Shores". I had all their posters along with many other Canadian band posters

 For my big debut as one of the #StrangeCrew on the Strange Grooves Podcast collective, I interview my friend and rock 'n' roll legend Glen Matlock from the seminal Punk band The SEX PISTOLS! YES, you heard right! This interview concentrates

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