Strange Dudes Podcast

Strange Dudes is a Sketch Comedy Podcast featuring local music and more. It is written, recorded and released biweekly on The Strange Grooves Network.

On today’s episode we learn about the lives of orcs, we hang with a gang on the corner, and Vape Dad returns! All this, and more, plus great tunes from Janowskii, Dub Kartel, and Diner Drugs on Strange Dudes, episode

On today’s episode we meet an under appreciated voice actor, we get conflicted purchasing diamonds, and wait on the line with customer service. All this and more, plus great tunes by locals Weak Size Fish, Math Class, and Lionsault. Get

On today’s episode of Strange Dudes Sketch Comedy Podcast we learn about an interesting new medical cure, make cuts in the corporate boardroom, find out what the first year of a deer’s life is really like, and much more. Also

On today’s episode we premiere all new sketches including: The Moob tube top for men, Thump’n Stan Conners, and a conversation with God. Also featuring tunes by David R. Elliott, Papal Visit, and The Tortise, The Hare, and The Millionaire.

Our Christmas special, with holiday themed sketches including Existential Frosty, Jacked Up Reindeer, and A Very HardCorey Christmas. Also featuring tunes by Dub Kartel, and Wrote

We are back again for another tantalizing episode of the sketch comedy podcast Strange Dudes! This week features a bunch of new sketch comedy and some great local bands. This week featuring FM Berlin, The Backstays, and Matt Steele and

Were back from a short hiatus with another hilarious sketch comedy podcast. This week is jammed packed with new sketches and some great new music from FM Berlin and Sheik and a classic from Janowski.

Hachey specifically told us to not make this episode. Hes away on vacation this week so enjoy these fine classics. Our best work yet.

Join us for our 25th Anniversary episode of Strange Dudes Podcast. Lots of new sketch comedy and local music.

On today’s episode we listen in on an interesting house meeting, travel back in time with three wise men, and check out a new fight club. All this, and more, plus tunes from locals David R. Elliott, Wrote, and FM

This weeks episode of the Strange Dudes Sketch Comedy Podcast is all about sports. Just kidding, we know nothing of the sort but we do have some great new sketches and music for you guys. This weeks music includes tracks from

On today’s episode we spend some time in Heaven’s waiting room, we travel to a monster truck race, and check in on the end of a couple's first date. All this, and more, plus music from locals: DFO, Diner Drugs,

On today’s episode of Strange Dudes - Sketch Comedy podcast and Local Music, we listen to a smoker’s quitting journey, we get interrupted during a job interview, and we also check out an new, and interesting game show. All this

On today’s episode of Strange Dude's Podcast we premiere a new batch of original sketches, including: paying it forward at the coffee shop, the first meeting of the Nihilist Party of Canada, and a frustrating customer service call. We also

In this week's episode of Strange Dudes Podcast we venture back in time to 1919, we try out a new edgy steakhouse, we explore the male gaze, and we also get slapped around a bit. This week's episode also includesn

On today’s episode of Strange Dudes podcast we premiere all new sketches, including, a debate from an old religious council, a discussion about the oldest joke in history, intimate apparel needs for your dog, and a shiny, brand new track

On today’s episode we premiere some new weekly sketches where we check out some school announcements, hear the intellectual side of UFC fighters, get the details of an interesting new diet, and so much more. We also listen to tracks

On today’s episode, we meet a new friend named Facebook, we meet the parents and hopefully meet your expectations. All that and a new single from MC Hardcorey. Plus, we feature music from Area 506 artists The Tortoise The Hare

Photos By Sabrina Thibodeau On today's 15th episode, We check in one day after the Purge, we hear from two upcoming presidential candidates and get a lesson on acceptance in the workplace. We talk about Mud City Meltdown, Area 506 and how to

On today’s episode of Strange Dudes we check out a a couple of ads from some brand new sponsors to the show, we travel back down to Hell and get caught up in an unworldly TV game-show, we hang out

On today’s episode we welcome new Strange Dude writer and voice actor, Chris Hachey. We check out music by Wrote and Papal Visit, and MC Hardcorey. All that and some sketches, so you can get some giggles with your grooves. As

 On today’s episode, we've got tunes from The Backstays, CHIPS, and Sheik. You will get exposed to a talking horse, get taken on a short trip to Hell, and also get a great deal on underwear! You're not gonna wanna

On today’s episode we listen to tunes from Diner Drugs, Weak Size Fish, and Little You Little Me. We also update you on upcoming local shows and check in with a crazy cast of characters. If you are interested in our

On today’s episode we check out upcoming local shows, review the new Chvrches album, and listen to tracks from Bad People and East Coast Love Story. We also get a surprise visit, from a mysterious stranger, and check out grooves

On today’s episode, we keep you up to date on upcoming local shows, review the new Frank Turner album, and listen to tracks from Sheik and Kill Chicago. We also introduce a new segment called Under the Radar, and finish

On today’s episode, we review the new Arctic Monkeys album and check out a new track from locals Weak Size Fish. We also showcase our interview with Moncton's Diner Drugs and listen to a short clip from Tooth & the

On today’s episode we keep you in the know on upcoming local shows and sit down with Drew Sweet to talk about his project, Subtle. We also review the new Speedy Ortiz album, present part 2 of our Stephen Hero

On today’s episode of Strange Dudes we review our weekend of shows at the Quality Block Party, and interview and listen to tunes by Stephen Hero (aka David R. Elliott), and Jamie Comeau and the Crooked Teeth

On today’s episode of Strange Dudes Podcast we review the new Old Crow Medicine Show and A Perfect Circle albums, as well as a Jeff Rosenstock concert. We rate all three Sublime albums, from worst to best, read some fan

On today’s episode, we update you on local shows and music news, review new albums from Sloan and Hop Along, read fan mail, review the April 14th Jeff Tweedy show at the Imperial Theatre, and discuss Coachella on the

On today’s show we review the new Jack White and The Vaccines albums and have a classic album review from local eccentric Terry MacDonald. We rank The Weakerthans’ albums best to worst, check out some local music news, inform you

 On today’s show we review the new MGMT and Andrew W K albums, announce recently released records, review Slowcoaster’s March 24th show at Peppers Pub in Saint John, feature music from local favourites CHIPS and DFO, and watch an MGMT