Cait Milberry

Cait is the co-host of the Strange Grooves Podcast! A very big music lover, influenced by lots of dad rock, hip-hop, Steely Dan and Primus! She is the project manager at ICS Creative Agency and also tackles quite a few freelance projects. Cait works with businesses, musicians, artists, festivals, events and public figures to help with public relations, social media, and branding potential. Her dog herb is 12 years old and they are inseparable. Check out her Instagram!

Dog Drive Mantis is just fucking incredible. There, That's all you need to know. If you are in Saint John on July 11th, you best be at Callie's pub. This band when I first heard them blew my freaking mind. They

Reflecting back on the VIP Primus experience last year and whoa mama, still on a high from that. I Missed the Portland show last week and that is usually the closest that they play to me, as I live in