Alec Martin

Since discovering Saint John’s music scene when he was in tenth grade, Alec has done anything possible to become more and more involved. As he is attending King’s College for journalism, he sees music writing as another avenue to immerse himself in local music, while also being able to gain some journalistic experience along the way.

(Image: Washing Machine, by Hayley Frail) Halifax Pop Explosion was 4 days of insanity for Hayley and I. We ate poutine at Willie’s at 2 in the morning more times than we had too, but it was worth it. We caught

(Image: Hayley Frail) Zola Jesus’s red gown shuttered between the lights of her performance at the Marquee Ballroom during the opening night of Halifax Pop Explosion. Skye Wallace’s set made for a quick transition from the audience’s buzz to a live environment. Her

The Backstays are releasing their self-titled debut EP on the 2nd of August. Whether you find yourself getting out of this damning heat by hanging around the harbour or trying to turn the ac dial in the car past max,

Fuzz Pop, Provincial Camps sophomore album, is a fuzz fight between love and lust as they spiral through the aorta, hanging off of one and other. The group – made up of Sam Roach on guitar and vocals, Sheehan Flatt on

On June 6, aggressively Saint John singer-songwriter David R. Elliott announced his next album, Common St, and with the announcement released the album’s first single called Something About the Way. The track was written by Elliott, but performed by Jason Keddy

Saint John's Provincial Camps released Temple in the Sky on June 1st, their latest single leading up to their second album, Fuzz Pop. Fuzz Pop is the follow up to the groups Frantic 2017 debut, Exaggerator, and this new single shows