Cherise Spins: Edward Bear’s Self-Titled

Most kids are heavily influenced by the music they hear on the radio. For many, that’s the current pop radio station that caters to playing the chart-topping hits of the day.

It was quite like that for me. I was stuck four to five decades behind.
Growing up in Saint John, New Brunswick, there was a radio station called CFBC. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, it indeed played the current hits of the day. But by the 90’s and well into the 2000’s, it was still playing those same songs. The only thing new is they added the word “Oldies” to their name. It was awesome.

This was the station my mom always had on in the car. Sure, I got her to change to 97.3 The Wave or K-100, that played more contemporary music, many times. But a lot of the time, I didn’t bother to ask. As I got into my teens, it was the station I’d tune into on my own. It was on this station where I first heard The Beatles, Steppenwolf, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Hollies, The Byrds, CCR and many others.

But the cool thing about Oldies 93 CFBC is they also played a lot of Canadian music from that area. The Stampeders, Lighthouse, Five Man Electrical Band, Steel River and a little band called Edward Bear.

Edward Bear was a Toronto-based band that had many Canadian radio hits in the 70’s, many of which are on their 1972 self-titled album. “Last Song” “Fly Across the Sea” and “Mascarade” were all songs that were played quite frequently on CFBC, and became staples in my youth’s soundtrack. I can recall specific memories with each of these songs. They’re forever etched in my brain and heart.

This band definitely has that 70’s pop radio sound, which is part of why I love them. Also, singer (and drummer!) Larry Evoy can sing to me anytime. I think it’s his vocals that elevate the music to another level. His voice is distinctive, which is one of the things that made the band stand out to me all these years.

Besides the obvious hits, my favourite song on the album would have to be “Black Pete.” It’s an anti-drug song that’s different in sound and tone from the rest of the record. It stands apart from the more 70’s radio-friendly tunes, yet it’s still catchy as hell, albeit a little dark.

You probably won’t hear Edward Bear play anymore on the radio these days, especially since CFBC switched a couple years ago to playing old country. You won’t find many of their songs streamed on platforms like Spotify, but you will find them on YouTube. I do recommend if you like 70’s music and see any of their albums out there at all, grab it. They’re precious gems, at least, to me anyways.

I suppose that’s all that matters.

Cherise Letson is the co-host of the Strange Grooves podcast.  
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Cherise is the co-host of the Strange Grooves podcast. She started collecting vinyl back in high school, but her love of classic rock and AM Radio hits goes back long before that. When she’s not listening to music, Cherise is the Associate Editor of Huddle Today, an online business publication that covers Atlantic Canada. She’s previously worked for CBC New Brunswick, The Canadian Press and the Telegraph-Journal, among other great publications.

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