Check Out The Wizard’s U.K. Psych Collection

Strange Groove’s contributor Cohen O’Conner has a pretty impressive record collection in general, but anyone who knows him knows his love for psychedelic rock.

Recently, he took out his camera to take us through his U.K. psych portion of his collection, and boy, get ready to see many gems!

Check out the video below. If you dig what you see, make sure you check out Cohen’s show The Technicolor Dream with The Wizard on Local 107.3 FM every Friday.

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Cohen O’Connor AKA “The Wizard” is a psychedelic-progressive rock record collector who calls Saint John his home, when he’s not at home spinning rare wax, or digging the local bins for that one obscure album you Dad had in the mid 70’s he’s on his radio program “The Technicolor Dream Show” playing rare tracks from the lost era of flower children and renegade teens. Music is his passion, and so is writing for you! Can you dig it? The Wizard can…

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