Strange Grooves started as a way to unwind during the week. The two of us would meet up and hang out. We enjoyed having conversations about music after work, spinning records and genuinely getting to know each other and our friends in the community better.

Strange Grooves is a place that aims to bring music lovers together. Whether they play it, write about it, just love listening to it in their rooms or live at a venue. These make up the Strange Crew and it’s growing!

Strange Grooves has grown so much since we recorded our first episode and launched our website in September 2016. We’ve since added two flagship shows, Strange Dudes and Taking Liberty, and have a growing list of blog contributors. But we’re not done yet. We’re always looking for new content. Want to write about a band? Record? Song? Show? We want to read it. Got some concert photography you want to share? We’d love to see it. Got a podcast or a radio show that you’d like to see reach a bigger audience? We’d love to hear it.

We believe music is an equalizer that connects us all. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Keep It Strange xo,

-Cait & Cherise

Cait Milberry

Cait loves to spin a little bit of everything. From hip hop to classic rock, she has a little bit of everything in her collection. She counts Steely Dan, Les Claypool, Primus, Tom Petty, The Stampeders and Fleetwood Mac among her all-time favourite artists. When she’s not being strange, she’s being the Marketing Communications Manager at ICS Creative Agency.

Cherise Letson

Cherise lives for classic rock ‘n’ roll, and new stuff that sounds like it. She considers Bob Dylan, Steppenwolf, T–Rex, The Stampeders, The Rolling Stones, The Sheepdogs and Lou Reed among her favourite artists. When she’s not being strange, she’s being the associate editor of Huddle Today, an online publication that covers business in the Maritimes.