Strange Grooves 506 Exclusive Interview With Tomato/tomato

A couple weeks back we sat down with one of our favorite duo’s, John and Lisa from Tomato/tomato. They are honestly just so freaking lovely. No matter where on the planet they are playing, they do more than just play for an audience and make great music. They are educators, huge community supporters, role models, fashion trendsetters. John and Lisa work very hard. Period. At  every thing they do. Every instrument they play. They have really impressive international touring schedules and have done this all while traveling with their daughter Lucy and sometimes Grampie too! They are honestly just really great folks. We sat down with them for an interview and we hope you enjoy part 1 of 2. Part 2 will be coming to you from their house / Studio 🙂 Eeeek!

Be sure to check out their tour dates, they have some really special shows coming up and their Instagram is incredible!

Thanks for checking out our 506 series! What a weekend that was!


Friends – our new album release is getting closer! We had to share this little snippet with you…it's a bit of "Take it on the Road" recorded in Nashville at The Bomb Shelter! Massive thanks to the legends at Hemmings House Pictures for this video and to Jordan Mattie Visuals for some killer additional footage! MORE NEWS TO SHARE TOMORROW! Stay right here….

Posted by Tomato/tomato on Thursday, May 17, 2018

Check out the website here!


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