April 2018

On this week's episode of Strange Grooves, we're joined by the amazing Barb Crawford! Barb has been a long-time supporter of the Saint John music and arts scene (including being a Strange Grooves patron, THANK YOU!) and is also an avid

On today’s episode of Strange Dudes Podcast we review the new Old Crow Medicine Show and A Perfect Circle albums, as well as a Jeff Rosenstock concert. We rate all three Sublime albums, from worst to best, read some fan

On this episode of Strange Grooves, we a joined by very special guest, Gordie Tufts. For those listeners outside of Saint John, Gordie is the owner of Backstreet Records, a record store that has been around since its beginnings in 1979. Backstreet

 Are you a fan of Canadian music? I certainly am! It was 1985 and Canada's answer to the Beatles, Platinum Blonde had released their monster of hit album "Alien Shores". I had all their posters along with many other Canadian band posters

 Penning a Billboard chart-topping song. Recording and releasing his own hit tunes and becoming a Canadian music star. Being asked by Stevie Wonder to write with him. Being mentored by and performing with a Righteous Brother Having the Wrecking

 For my big debut as one of the #StrangeCrew on the Strange Grooves Podcast collective, I interview my friend and rock 'n' roll legend Glen Matlock from the seminal Punk band The SEX PISTOLS! YES, you heard right! This interview concentrates